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XAMANE SA is a national pharmaceutical company, which markets and distributes pharmaceutical products and food supplements.

Over these years of experience, Xamane, S.A. has already proven its consistency and full integration in the Portuguese pharmaceutical market.

The business area of Xamane, S.A. goes beyond the Portuguese market, the territorial expansion is made by exporting our products to various markets.



We are prepared to respond appropriately to all questions from consumers and health professionals, which they may have.VISUP® has highly qualified health professionals to answer all questions, within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

VISUP® Goals

Develop innovative, effective and quality food supplements, in strict compliance with all legal regulations in order to meet the needs and requirements of consumers in the 21st century.

Contribute to promoting the safety of food supplements.

Contribute to an excellent interaction between Xamane, S.A. and its consumers.

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