Xamane has already demonstrated its consistency and full integration in the Portuguese pharmaceutical market.We seek partners all over the world who wish to create a close collaboration with us and to internationalize our products.As we have an extensive experience in producing to different countries, with different legal and regulatory frameworks, inhabits, characteristics and needs we can meet the needs of our clients and partners with the right formulations and specifications.Our business area goes beyond the European market. Territorial expansion is done by exporting our products to various markets. Our clients currently come from Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran,  Senegal and Canada.Xamane, SA actively collaborates with its international customers, namely:
  • Training courses on products (local or via ZOOM platform)
  • We provide a complete regulatory service with the highest degree of rigor and specialization, ranging from the registration of medicines, food supplements and cosmetic products, to support in the import and customs clearance of products

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